mhuxd 0.50rc3 Update

Source code is available on the Download page. Ubuntu PPA packages should be ready soon.

  • Added microHam Control Protocol (MCP) as destination channel. This channel is a simple command interpreter. The commands are documented in the MK2R manual available at the microHam web site. They can be used to control focus of MK2R(+) keyers or to record and playback CW/FSK messages (the later for all keyers with internal CW/FSK message memories). Mhuxd currently supports these commands: FT, FR1, FR2, FRS, FRD, SAs, MA, MP, MR.
  • Added UDEV rule to prevent modem-manager to interfere with mhuxd.
  • Fixed: RTS/CTS checkbox in serial settings didn’t have any effect.
  • Fixed: TCP/IP ports did not send any data.
  • some other minor fixes
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