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Connection problems caused by modemmanager

Several users reported that mhuxd can’t connect the microHAM keyer and marks the keyer as OFFLINE under some circumstances. It has been turned out that the package “modemmanager” is the cause of the problem. It connects to each newly connected USB-serial device, changes baud to various values and sends modem AT commands.

If you don’t need “modemmanager” then remove it. On Debian & Ubuntu by:

sudo apt-get remove modemmanager

If you need “modemmanager” you can wait for the next mhuxd update. Or you can replace /lib/udev/rules.d/59-mhuxd.rules by this file:



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mhuxd 0.50rc2 Minor Update

Minor update:

  • The keyer selection in the “Add Port” dialog now also shows the keyers serial numbers
  • Mhuxd did not set the radio serial parameters when the keyer was switched off and on again
  • Some minor fixes
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mhuxd 0.50rc1 is out

Mhuxd 0.50rc1 is available now. Since version 0.33 there are quite a bit of changes. The most significant one is certainly the new web interface. This makes it a lot easier to change the keyer configuration.

Earlier versions (<= 0.33)  were using a configuration file /etc/mhuxd.conf. This file is now obsolete and ignored.

Binary packages are available in a Launchpad PPA. See the installation instructions how to obtain them.


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